To avail Health4Silvers membership plan please click here to sign up, create your customer account and add your loved ones as members. Under one customer account, you can add as many members as needed. Each member should have a unique phone number and an email address to get them registered. While registering any member, you will get all the plan options to review and you can choose the plan that is suitable for your parent. If you have any questions regarding the plan and if you need any help in choosing the plan, please reachout to us at phone/whatsapp: +1-650-254-6264; Email:

If you want to unenroll a member, please contact us at Call/whatsapp: +1-650-254-6264; Email: The registration fee and first 3 month fee are non-refundable (after grace period 15 days). The current membership will continue until the next renewal date for all members and there will be no prorated refund.

Your Single point of contact will be Health Manager Assigned to you along with Phone number and email ID. Health Manager would assist you in all services from Home care - Nurse visit etc to Emergency Services to Medical Check ups as also Pharmacy and Diagnostics at home.

We have 2 options to call an ambulance in an emergency. First through our Health4Silvers App (Android or iOS). Second through a phone call by regular phone and the ambulance will arrive at the registered address or the address you tell the central command. Please refer to “How it works” section in the home page for better illustration.

In Case you are away from your phone, no problem. We are providing an Emergency device, which can be worn on your wrist or in the neck. You may press the Emergency button and our Health Manager will call you. In case you are not able to pick up the call, the health manager will immediately call an ambulance to come to your location. If you have pressed the Emergency by mistake, please call or pick up the call from the health manager & inform them about the incident.

Health4Silvers has been started primarily to address this concern. When parents are alone in India, they forget or delay going for a health checkup with their doctor. They do not take it seriously that their medication needs constant adjustments over time and for that they need to have appropriately spaced preventive health checkups. We would remind, book appointments and facilitate regular Health Check ups depending on their health condition and the membership plan they sign up for.

In addition to plan dictated health checkups, we also monitor and follow up with other required appointments warranted by their health condition. Regular Reminders for the same would be sent to them as texts and/or phone calls.

We have Platinum and Diabetic plan which have around 15 touch points with doctors/nutritionists/other specialists in addition to investigations done specific to a member depending on their existing health conditions. These plans are designed in such a way that the health of the members are being monitored at right intervals recommended by doctors. We will help our members to access those health promotion and prevention appointments by either bringing investigations to their home or by in-person, whichever is convenient and appropriate for the touchpoint. Our health managers will coordinate everything for the patients.

They can also get investigations done at home and they can get prescription medications delivered to their home. This will greatly make things easier for the members and help them undergo health checkups in the right intervals.

Absolutely. Yes! Our health manager will talk to you upon registration to understand all your existing health conditions and your current doctors, hospitals, insurance and your preferences. Based on their conversation, we will tailor a custom file for you with all the information so that your health manager will know where to book appointments when you need them.

Our health manager will talk to you upon registration to understand all your existing health conditions and your current doctors, hospitals, insurance and your preferences. Based on their conversation, we will tailor a custom file for you with all the information so that your health manager will know where to book appointments when you need them. He/She would guide you on each & every aspect of the way forward to you.

On your first meeting with the health manager you will get a welcome packet, which will include information about your plan and other helpful information. Health manager will then help you to apply for health insurance if needed/requested. The welcome kit also will have a complimentary emergency alert device, which is small and wearable in the wrist or with a necklace. In case of emergency, a simple press of a button will call the health manager. They can arrange for a doctor on call or ambulance. Health manager will help set up that device for you and also will enable your phone to call an ambulance when needed. He/She would subsequently update your children abroad by e-mail and/or Whatsapp.

We try to help members in various emergency scenarios. Let us say a member got an emergency but they can’t even reach their phone. We have a solution for this kind of scenario. We have a coin sized device that can be worn to a bangle, necklace or worn as a watch on the wrist. There will be a button to press whenever they have an emergency, which then communicates to the health manager or through their cell phone and triggers an emergency alert. The health manager can then take appropriate actions. This device comes free with all plans.

If the member can call, then they can call the health manager directly or use the App for an immediate Ambulance if they are tech savvy. Our Health Manager could coordinate both ambulance and Doctor on Call. Suitable action would be taken which may include Hospital admission or any other treatment. You would be updated on all the actions in the portal through your account and then followed by a detailed email.

  • Health Manager
  • Ambulance requests and 5 emergency doctor on a phone call requests per year.
  • All the annual checkups listed in your plans.
  • Depending on your plans and the city member lives in, the dental services listed in their plan.
  • Health Data management.
  • Suitable discounts on Pharmacy as also Diagnostics as mentioned in the plan.
  • Emergency alert device.

No. You would have to pay for it. The rates would be discounted. Another major benefit our members enjoy, is that they will be allowed until the age of 75 to buy health insurance and then, once they have insurance, it would continue lifelong, provided their annual premiums are paid in time.

Yes, we will be able to help you in every scenario with respect to Covid-19 illness.

  • Facilitate a Covid test to be done at home by an authorized testing agency.
  • If positive for Covid, we would provide Home care if the Parent is not Serious. They can have frequent doctor appointments to monitor their health.
  • If Hospitalization is needed we would facilitate that Beds are made available. In Case Parent requires ICU attention, that also can be given.

We would hear your feedback on the reasons for dissatisfaction. We would immediately attend & rectify our system wherever required & possible. This would be done ASAP. But if you are still not satisfied, then you can cancel the membership. The fee charged for that last month will be refunded without any question. If you paid a yearly fee, then it will be prorated until the end of the previous month and the balance will be refunded.

If that new city you are moving into is one of the cities that we serve, then automatically your case file will be transferred to the health manager in that area and you will get all the services you are eligible to get as per your membership plan. If the new city you are moving into is not served by us, then we will prorate until the month ends and refund the remaining money.

If you are temporarily visiting a different city in India that is served by us, then please let our health manager know and they will assign your case to the local health manager where you are travelling. You will be taken care of as per the membership plan. When you come back home, just a phone call to your health manager will move all your services back to your home.

Safety: Please call your health manager and let them know. First thing we will do is make sure you have taken all the necessary precautions for your travel. Also, if there is any need we will help you to see your doctor to get essential vaccinations so that your travel is safe. Moreover, he or she will prescribe enough medications for your travel.

Pausing membership: If you are travelling for less than a month then we do not need to pause the subscription. But if you are travelling more than 1 month, then we can pause the subscription until you are back and the fee will be prorated.


We provide service all around India including cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Madurai, Ahmedabad and many more..